Digital Rain Fission is a cloud based digital platform

custom designed to assist water utilities simplify and improve operations by combining big data and machine learning technologies alerting monitoring personnel of anomalies and streamline problem isolation and diagnosis.

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High Precision Algorithms

Machine learning technologies to identify failing infrastructure, water loss, prevent sewer overflow and measure asset health.

Built For Water Utilities

To unlock operational efficiencies and inform proactive maintenance, guiding long range planning and investment strategies.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia

Digital Rain Fission is a proud nominee of the Government of South Australia, Supporting Innovation for South Australia.

Predictive Maintenance

It will analyse data from myriad infrastructure water asset sources to interpret operational behaviours, schedule and track projects tasks, facilitate asset management decisions and extend planning horizons.

Its’ user-friendly dashboards will provide a holistic view of operations as well as the ability to isolate specific issues or devices with just a few clicks.

Our digital
platform can identify failing infrastructure

It offers a suite of software solutions that help water utilities to reduce costs, boost efficiency, increase the accuracy of planning and
improve day-to-day decision-making in an ever-changing landscape.

A trusted member to the best and

Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

  •  SISA Startups maintain their head office in South Australia, which will continue to create jobs for South Australians and improve the South Australian economy
    Digital Rain Fission
  • Operating out of the Tonsley Innovation District, we provide people and businesses with the tools to take innovation beyond the buzzword, locally, nationally and internationally.
    Digital Rain Fission
  • As a program member of Startup IBM cloud, Digital Rain Fission receives benefits to build, launch and scale.
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    Digital Rain Fission

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Identify water loss, prevent sewer overflow —
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